Who we are

Our story

The team functions as a “permanent Barbarian” team, combining talent from different nationalities to compete in two different leagues in Ireland, bringing the expats and rugby communities together.  We have counted close to 17 different nationalities within our players.

Since 2017, Dogos are growing at an exponential pace. In the past 4 years, we accomplished the following milestones:

Dogos Opening ceremony. In the form of a Tag Rugby tournament, with +400 attendees and a massive Argentinian ‘asado’ and South African ‘braai’ (BBQ). 

Deal with Monkstown FC. Dogos will train and play home matches at Monkstown FC in Sandymount, Playing matches at one of the oldest finest rugby pitches in Ireland.

Leinster. Dogos will compete in the Leinster League Division 3.

Friendship in rugby